Alberto’s Black Sombrero Caesar


• ice
• 3 dashes Worcestershire sauce
• 3 oz Clamato juice
• 1 – 3 dashes hot sauce
• 1 oz vodka
• tajin seasoning for the rimmer on the glass
• shrimp
• Black Sombrero Mini Chorizo
• Black Sombrero Summer Sausage
• celery, pickles
• cucumber
• pickle juice


1. Start by mixing the ingredients, but before you start pouring, please note that the order of ingredients does matter!

2. In a rimmed glass filled with ice, add the Worcestershire sauce, followed by Clamato juice, hot sauce, 1/2 oz pickle juice, 1/2 of a squeezed lime and then vodka. An easy way to remember the order of ingredients is to start with the cheaper ones and work your way up.

3. When it comes to the garnish, here’s your time to be creative. Add a long piece of celery, a piece of pickle, a slice of Black Sombrero Summer Sausage, one Black  Sombrero Mini Chorizo and a piece of shrimp. Enjoy!