• 4 panini or Italian style crusty buns (or buns of your choice )
• 2 cups shredded Oaxaca cheese or mozzarella/marble can substitute
• 2 cups refried beans ( see recipe for black beans)
• Green or red salsa (optional)
• Pico de gallo(see recipe for pico de gallo)


Put chorizo in fry pan and start to break apart and fry until cooked , set aside
Cut buns in half
Spread a ¼ cup of the refried beans onto each bun
Divide the desired amount of chorizo onto the buns, you may use it all or less depending on your liking
Top beans and chorizo with ¼ cup of cheese onto each bun
Place buns on baking sheet and place under broiler until the cheese starts to brown, place on one of the lower racks so they also heat and broil.
Remove from the oven and serve 2 on a plate. Serve with a side of pico de gallo or salsa to drizzle on top.
Delicious for breakfast on a weekend, lunch or supper!

Serves: 4